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myExperiment Release Schedule

Features in Latest Release (08-05-2013)

Features planned for Next Release

The next release plans to incorporate the Wf4ever Research Object Model. Packs will be backed by the Wf4Ever RO Model. Current alpha visualisations will be incorporated. RODL API provision, supporting use of RO Manager.

Feature Backlog

Features earmarked for future release

Other features (not in priority order)

  • Support for Components
  • Citation of myExperiment content (DOI/EZID etc)
  • Checklist presentation/integration for RO (analytics/quality)

  • Extract, insert and present metadata from external sources (e.g. biocatalogue). Similar tasks may be required for other content types.
  • Local text auto-completion/suggestion
  • Provision of Workflow runners (via Taverna Server).
  • Status of Workflow runners (not myExperiment responsibility)
  • Exposing Workflow runners via myExp (some functionality exists but is not exposed).
  • Workflow runner exposes information relating to the run (server version, business etc).
  • myExperiment displays information relating to runs
  • workflow run information is packaged into the RO – question as to the volatility of the server run metadata and size of server run metadata.