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Our Family of e-Laboratories projects

  • The BioCatalogue project is providing a curated catalogue of Life Science Web Services. It will provide a single registration point for Web Service providers and a single search site for scientists and developers, and will also act as a place where the community can find contacts and meet the experts and maintainers of these services.
  • The SYSMO (Systems Biology of Microorganisms) project aims to record and describe the dynamic molecular processes going on in unicellular microorganisms in a comprehensive way and to present these processes in the form of computerized mathematical models.
  • The ONDEX project addresses the problem that a prerequisite to a systems approach to biological research is the integration and analysis of heterogeneous experimental data, which are stored in hundreds of life-science databases and millions of scientific publications. Its aims are to produce a robust, fully featured, extensible, easy to use and professionally-supported data integration framework for systems biology projects to use.
  • The NEMA (Networked Environment for Music Analysis) project is a multinational, multidisciplinary cyberinfrastructure project for music information processing that brings together the collective projects and the associated tools of six world leaders in the domains of music information retrieval (MIR), computational musicology (CM) and e-humanities research.
  • The e-Lico (e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Sciences) project - contact Robert Stevens at University of Manchester.

For further information about our e-Laboratories theme contact Sean Bechhofer at University of Manchester.