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Bioinformatics - JISC eIUS Video

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A 5 minute video about Taverna and myExperiment is available on YouTube on

This was made by the e-Infrastructure Use Cases and Service Usage Models (eIUS) project funded by JISC. It focuses on a bioinformatics case study, with Paul Fisher and Andy Brass talking about their use of Taverna and myexperiment in their research on Trypanosomiasis. It also includes interviews with Carole Goble and David De Roure.

The wmv version of the video (33Mb) is also available to stream or download, as is a subtitled mov version (48Mb). These videos are distributed under a Creative Commons licence and we encourage people to use them in talks and lectures.

myExperiment - JISC VRE Video

A second short video about myExperiment is available on YouTube and also for streaming or download on

This is one of four VRE project videos made by JISC and released at the event Leaping Hurdles: Planning IT Provision for Researchers in Edinburgh on Tuesday, 9th June 2009. It focuses on a the myExperiment project, with Duncan Hull talking about his use of myExperiment and interviews with David De Roure and Carole Goble.

myExperiment - Microsoft e-Science workshop video

10 minute Video of David De Roure demoing myExperiment at the Microsoft 2011 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication held October 23–25, 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Also available in Pack 230.

myExperiment - NEMA Country/Country demo videos

NEMA project Country-Country video demos:

  • Video demo by Tim Crawford (Goldsmiths) with audio: "A Computational Musicologist using the Country/Country prototype"
  • screencast of Tech demo by Kevin Page, includes running Meandre flow on myExperiment and examples of SPARQL and RDF. No audio.
Also available in Pack 230.