Centre for Digital Libraries Research: Aims and Objectives 

Digital libraries are systems capable of storing multimedia data while providing management, data searching and exploration tools. They are opening up new ways of obtaining information for research and education, and their development is radically changing the way in which information is perceived and accessed.  

Our research on the major challenges of digital libraries and archives includes: 
Information retrieval:  intelligent agents, open hypermedia, metadata. 

Content based retrieval and navigation of sound, images and video 

High quality digitisation of images, audio, video, 3D. 

High performance multimedia delivery. 

User interface: for retrieval, management, visualisation and virtual environments.  

Data formats and storage: open standards, multimedia formats. 

Classification and indexing: particularly automatic techniques. 
The Centre is involved in real applications of digital libraries, museums and galleries in order to fully understand the user's requirements, real-world problems and to develop research further. We work on multimedia archives for museums and galleries or virtual museums. The Multimedia Research Group has particular expertise in linkbases (links stored outside the material), agents, object oriented databases, content based retrieval and accurate imaging.