The CORE project is involved in the development of a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) demonstrator that will support orthopaedic surgeons in: creating technical materials, analysing data, investigating hypotheses, discussing findings, and prepare articles for review.

Five Grid/Web services were proposed by the CORE project; they will provide functionalities to assist researchers in conducting clinical trials (including the storage, use and reuse, of research data in repositories, and information from digital libraries and its dissemination). A VRE demonstrators will be built based on a Service-Oriented Architecture and the Grid/Web services mentioned earlier.

CORE Grid/Web Services

  • Analysis Service
    A Web service to perform analysis on dataset using statistical methods.
  • EPrints Service
    A Web service to help create, submit, and disseminate articles for reviewing between researchers.
  • Data Set Manager Service
    A Web service to handle trial related data.
  • Forum Service
    A Web service to support discussions between researchers.
  • Simulation Service
    A Grid service to provide users with functionalities in running their simulations.

VRE Demonstrator

  • Under development.