Queries the status of a Globus GRAM job until complete.



isdone = gd_jobpoll(jobhandle,interval=5,




This command polls the status of a Globus GRAM job specified by the job handle until the job is complete. This function can be used to block the process of a Python script until a job has finished. If the job fails an error is thrown.


isdone = gd_jobpoll(jobhandle) where jobhandle is the handle to a Globus GRAM job. The return value isdone indicates whether the job handle returned the DONE state (1), or whether polling was aborted (0).


isdone = gd_jobpoll(jobhandle,interval) where jobhandle is the handle to a Globus GRAM job and interval is the interval (in seconds) between polling the job handle.


isdone = gd_jobpoll(jobhandle,interval,maxtime) as above. The argument maxtime allows an upper limit (in seconds) to be placed on the period over which the job is polled.



The state DONE returned by job handle does not necessarily indicate that the job completed successfully.  A valid proxy certificate is required to query a GRAM job.


See also

gd_jobstatus, gd_jobsubmit, gd_jobkill





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