Puts a file on a remote server using GridFTP.






This command puts a local file upon a remote server using GridFTP. The user must specify the remote server name, the local file path, and the remote file path. The user can also specify the filetype.


gd_putfile(host,localfile,remotefile) transfers the ASCII file localfile to the  machine host. The file is saved to the path and file specified by the string remotefile.


gd_putfile(host,localfile,remotefile,filetype) as above except the string filetype sets the file transfer type. When filetype = 'ASCII' the file transfer type will be ASCII (this is the default setting), alternatively when filetype = 'binary' the file transfer type is set to binary.



The following command places the local file 'C:/data1.dat' on the remote host 'server' in the users home directory with the file name 'data2.dat'. The file is transferred as a binary file type.


from gdcompute import *

gd_putfile('','C:/data1.dat','data2.dat', 'binary')


This example behaves as above except the file is placed in the existing subdirectory to the users home directory; 'tmp'.


gd_putfile('','C:/data1.dat','tmp/data2.dat', 'binary')


This example is similar to the first example except the file is placed in the subdirectory to the root directory; 'tmp'. 





A valid proxy certificate is required to use GridFTP. Suitable credentials may be required to transfer files to remote servers.


See also

gd_getfile, gd_createproxy





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