Mesh, surface & contour plots of optimisation results


This function plots surfaces produced by interpolation between the points at which the objective function was evaluated. The optimisation terrain may be represented as a mesh, surface or contour plot. The points which do not meet the optimisation constraints will be cropped from the surface.








FIG = optimisationTerrain(...)



optimisationTerrain(STRUCTOUT,STRUCTIN) where STRUCTOUT is the results structure returned by OptionsMatlab and STRUCTIN is the OptionsMatlab input structure.


optimisationTerrain(STRUCTOUT,STRUCTIN,PLOTTYPE) as above where PLOTTYPE is a scalar which indicates the type of plot. The valid values of PLOTTYPE are:

1 = Mesh of valid points [default]

2 = Mesh of valid points in a single colour

3 = Surface of valid points

4 = 3D contour plot of valid points

5 = 3D contour plot of valid points with a mesh

6 = Mesh of all points

7 = Mesh of all points in a single colour

8 = Surface of all points

9 = 3d contour plot of all points

10 = 3d contour plot of all points with a mesh


optimisationTerrain(STRUCTOUT,STRUCTIN,PLOTTYPE,FIG) as above where FIG is the figure in which to plot the optimisation terrain. If FIG is not provide a new figure will be generated. FIG can also be empty [].


optimisationTerrain(STRUCTOUT,STRUCTIN,PLOTTYPE,FIG,VIEW) as above where VIEW is a two element vector that sets the view of the 3D plot. For example VIEW = [0 90] for overhead plots. The default view is [-37.5, 30]. VIEW can also be empty [].


optimisationTerrain(STRUCTOUT,STRUCTIN,PLOTTYPE,FIG,VIEW,DIMS) as above where DIMS is a two element vector specifying the two design variables to be plotted.  By default the first two design variables are plotted.


FIG = optimisationTerrain(...) as above where FIG is a the number of figure in which the terrain was plotted.



input = createBeamStruct;

results = OptionsMatlab(input)

optimisationTerrain(results, input)


Figure 11 Plot produced by optimisationTerrain


See also

view, mesh, griddata





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