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The Provenance Architecture Client Side Library

The Client Side Library (CSL) is a collection of functions, which allows provenance-aware applications to communicate with provenance store services. It also provides functionality to help application developers enforce architecture rules or organise provenance relevant data items easier in their provenance-aware applications.

Layered Model

The CSL contains the interfaces as showed in the following figure.


In the above figure, we define three layers: the Server API (Application Programming Interface) interacts with provenance store services. However, the data structure of the Server API is too complicated to be used directly by application developers. Therefore, we have defined an alternate, relatively simpler Application API. Some utilities are also implemented in order to map the Application API to the Server API. Although application developers could invoke the Server API directly, it is recommended that they use only the Application API. Within the Application API layer, we also provide some helper functions that aid application developers to enforce architecture rules in their provenance-aware applications. Helper functions are designed to be directly invoked by application developers. Therefore, they are introduced as part of the Application API.

Provenance Stores

The CSL is able to communicate with different types of provenance store servers, which are compatible with the Provenance Store WSDL. It has been tested with two implementations of the provenance store service: PReSerV and the GT4-hosted Provenance Store Service.

Software Download

The Client Side Library is available for download in one (13MB) zip file (below) under the terms of the Common Public License Version 1.0. By selecting the Download button, you accept the terms of the license.