Finite Element Workshop Southampton

FEWS as in 'fuse' = combine, compound, consolidate, join, unite; ignition device

9 May 2002, 10:00am
Education Lecture Theatre (Building 34)
Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

Announcement - Objective & Scope - Postgraduates - Programme - Contact

We have organised the first one-day Finite Element Workshop at the University of Southampton, FEWS. It will take place on Thursday, 9 May 2002, at the Education Lecture Theatre, Building 34, Highfield Campus.

Everyone is welcome to attend and to contribute, registration is not required and attendance is free. However, as refreshments are to be provided, it would be helpful if you could let Nicola Reader know if you are planning to attend. Optionally, you can use this link to subscribe to the internal fews2002 mailing list (2-3 announcements in total).

Objective & Scope
Our objective is to bring together researchers from differing disciplines to share experiences, expertise and knowledge in the work with Finite Elements and related methods and to discuss current and future work as well as collaboration issues with respect to novel emerging technologies.

We welcome contributions on finite element grid generation, FE based modelling, analysis, simulation, optimisation and visualisation in the fields of Electromagnetics, Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, Optics, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Bioengineering, etc. as well as e-science based or linked projects. Furthermore, contributions in the area of related techniques are welcome, such as finite volumes, boundary elements, surface visualization techniques,...

Postgraduate Open Session
The Open Session offers the opportunity for postgraduate students to present their current research work in 5-10 minute slots to the audience in a "safe" and familiar environment. Postgraduate students are encouraged to take part in the Open Session and we are going to award a small prize to the best presentation (great for your CV!). If you are interested in participating, please send a brief email to Marc Molinari.

Professor Nigel Weatherill (Head of the Department for Civil Engineering, University of Wales, Swansea) will be our guest speaker on the day.

10:00  --- Coffee ---
10:20  Welcome
10:30  Prof Nigel Weatherill - Unstructured Mesh Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics
11:15  Dr Ken Thomas - Vector Finite Elements
11:40  Prof Jan Sykulski - Computational Electromagnetics
12:05  Dr Sandy Wright - Combined Flow & Grid Quality Mesh Adaption for Finite Volumes
12:30  --- Lunch Break ---
13:55  Postgraduate Open Session:
14:00  Kar-Seng Ship - Modelling of a Synchronous Generator with HTSc Field Winding & Magnetic Core
14:10  Vinu Palissery - An Attempt to Model Implant Migration
14:15  Ben Hiett - Application of FE methods to Photonic Crystal Devices
14:35  Wenbin Song - Shape Optimisation of Turbine Blade Firtrees using ICAD & FE
14:55  Lewis Chen - Illustration of Nodal based Evolutionary Structural Optimisation (NESO)
15:15  --- Coffee ---
15:35  Marc Molinari - FE Optimisations for Impedance Tomography
15:55  Closing Discussion, Open Session Prizes & Feedback

For further information please contact one of the organisers:
  Marc Molinari ( )
  Nicola Reader (Project Administrator) ( )
  Prof Simon Cox ( )

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