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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

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About IAM

IAM is a broad-based, multi- and inter- disciplinary group focusing on the design and application of computing systems for complex information and knowledge processing tasks. We seek to undertake world-class research in the theory, design, implementation and application of such systems and to provide leadership on their potential socio-economic impact. Our main focus is on the development of systems composed of multiple actors, some human some artificial agents, from different organisations that act based on the best available information and interact in flexible ways in order to achieve their individual and collective aims. Particular areas of emphasis include: pervasive technologies for capturing information from the environment, next generation web techniques for linking data and knowledge, accountable systems for tracking information provenance and provider reputation, multi-agent techniques for flexible and effective interactions, and interaction design approaches for effective human and machine collaboration.


Examining the fundamental principles of intelligent and adaptive behaviour and developing methods and services for acquiring, modelling, reusing, retrieving, publishing and maintaining knowledge;


Devising new methods and models for inter-agent interactions such as cooperation, coordination, auctions and negotiation, new mechanisms for establishing trust and reputation in open systems, and pioneering work on agent-oriented software engineering;


Investigating the basic principles and applications of multi-modal communication, hypermedia and document management in large scale open systems such as digital libraries and the Semantic Web, and developing context aware, personalised information management systems.

These three research themes also combine synergistically in a number of grand challenges for computer science - including grid computing, peer-to-peer systems, sensor networks, the semantic web, and pervasive computing environments. All of these domains can be classified as large-scale, open, distributed systems in which entities (people and software), representing different stakeholders, act and interact in flexible ways to achieve their individual and collective goals. It is, perhaps, in tackling such complex systems that the true value of having a collaborative, vibrant and fun research environment staffed with world-class researchers can be best demonstrated.

Prof Nick Jennings, Head of the IAM Group

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