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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

ECS Intranet:
MOHICAN: MObile Handsets In Cooperative Agents Network

The aim of the mohican project is to investigate the use of high-level multi-agent interaction mechanisms for providing network services. mohican addresses the overall aim of the ``Programmable Networks Initiative'' by designing patterns of interactions that facilitate the deployment of new network services where adaptive behaviour is required. In particular, mohican objectives are related to four of the research topics identified in the call for proposals, namely

  1. programmability and usability,
  2. service engineering, operations and management,
  3. software engineering aspects, and
  4. services and applications.

Homepage: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~lavm/mohican/
Type: Normal Research Project
Research Group: Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
Themes: Agent Based Computing, Pervasive Computing and Networks, Decentralised Information Systems
Dates: 1st August 2001 to 1st August 2005


Principal Investigators

Other Investigators

URI: http://id.ecs.soton.ac.uk/project/65
RDF: http://rdf.ecs.soton.ac.uk/project/65

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