700 Reasons: Reason #13

Reason: 13
Language graduates have normally spent a year abroad. They may have done a work placement, or worked as language assistants. They can emphasise the ability to act independently, adapt and work in a novel environment, all of which are strong points to make. The ability to communicate effectively, teamwork, organisational ability and logical reasoning could be other key elements to stress. The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services suggests that employers want people who can communicate effectively, work independently and in teams and apply a logical and analytical approach to solving problems
Connell, T. (2002) Languages and Employability: A Question of Careers (www.cilt.org.uk/careers/pdf/reports/employability.pdf)
Related Keywords:
Academic skills, Autonomy, Communication, HE (Higher Education sector), Key skills, Problem solving, Residence abroad, Teamwork, Work experience