700 Reasons: Reason #237

Reason: 237
Different languages will provide bases for different kinds of experience. Some (and particularly the major languages of national and international communication, including English) will provide a basis for action in the world as well as for learning and conceptualizing. Some (and particularly mother tongues in the early years) will be crucial at particular stages as the major means by which learning takes place. Some (particularly classical languages and those with strong literary, religious and scientific traditions) will have a major role in reinforcing understanding of heritage
Brumfit, C. (2002) 'The role of modern languages within a language in education policy' in Swarbrick, A. (ed) Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools (London: Routledge Falmer, The Open University), pp. 112-125
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Communication, English Mother Tongue, Historical dimension, Learning, Personal and social development, Personal satisfaction