700 Reasons: Reason #367

Reason: 367
In the knowledge society of the 21st century multilingualism is better. It is better for countries and states whose shared ambitions are for peace, growth and prosperity. It is better for business whose purpose is increased trade, greater competitiveness and greater employability. It is better for communities in their desire for social inclusion, mutual tolerance and an appreciation of their past and present heritages. It is better for individuals - for their sense of self and their openness to the world, for opportunities for economic and personal growth. At this time of great fear and dangers in the world, it is better for humanity in its vital quest for peace, stability and enrichment. Only through multilingualism can we really understand and appreciate the stranger
King, L., Johnstone, R. (2001) An agenda for languages (produced by CILT for the Birmingham Conference of October 2001, http://www.eyl2001.org.uk/agenda.pdf)
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Business, Economic, social and political dimension, Employability, Historical dimension, Identity, Inclusion, International relations, Knowledge, Multilingualism, National security, Social cohesion, Understanding, Values