Supporting teaching and learning in Northern Ireland

Aims of the LLAS Northern Ireland partnership

The aims of the partnership are to:

  • Enable the Subject Centre to enhance its provision for staff teaching in Higher Education Institutions in Northern Ireland, by having activity and resources which focus specifically on their needs and creating opportunities for exchange between individuals.
  • Enhance communications between the Subject Centre, Higher Education institutions and other bodies in Northern Ireland concerned with Learning and Teaching in Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies.
  • Develop access to funding and initiatives which can be of benefit to the Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies community in Northern Ireland.

The partnership is currently chaired by Professor John Gillespie at the University of Ulster. For further information about the Northern Ireland partnership please contact John Canning

Advisory Group for Northern Ireland

  • John Canning, Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
  • Ian Connor, University of Ulster (German Studies)
  • Rosalyn Davidson, Queens University Belfast (Northern Ireland Languages Strategy)
  • John Gillespie, University of Ulster (Chair, French Studies)
  • Alison Henry, University of Ulster (Linguistics)
  • David Johnston, Queens University Belfast (Past Chair, Spanish Studies)
  • Susan Hodgett, University of Ulster (Area Studies)
  • Satish Kumar, Queens University Belfast (Area Studies)
  • Pamela McIntyre, Queens University Belfast (Language Centres)
  • Eugene McKendry, Queens University Belfast (Northern Ireland CILT)
  • Sarah Mcmonagle, University of Ulster (Northern Ireland Languages Strategy)
  • Bertie O'Corrain, University of Ulster (Irish)
  • Jane Sidor, Department of Education Northern Ireland
  • Anthony Soares, Queens University Belfast (Portuguese Studies)
  • Sean Ward, Department of Education Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland Languages Strategy

The partnership was commissioned to design and implement a programme of research that led to the publication of a Northern Ireland Languages Strategy (NILS).


Northern Ireland Languages Strategy

Centre for Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning

Higher Education Academy Northern Ireland

Department of Education

Department of Employment and Learning

Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure