Teaching and learning Africa (19 Feb 2004)

Date: 19 February, 2004
Location: University of Birmingham
Event type: Workshop

Past event summary

This workshop discussed the evolving teaching of Africa and African Studies in higher education, and how these reflect the changing ways that Africa is perceived, both from within and without the continent. The day focused on new themes, techniques and technologies in the teaching and learning of Area studies. The workshop was held at CWAS - the Centre for West African Studies at the University of Birmingham, and sponsored by C-SAP, the LTSN Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, and the Africa Information Centre.

Online teaching resources

The Internet sites listed below (the list is not exhaustive) represent a trend in the provision of new teaching resources on the Web. These range from sites that are directed specifically at schoolchildren to ones that are aimed more at higher education. Are these to be encouraged and, if so, how can they best be used to advantage? In the UK, it is argued here that too little attention is given in schools to the specific teaching of Africa. An example of an exception was the recent holding of an Africa Day at a secondary school in the small town of Dornoch in Scotland. Should those who are seriously concerned for the survival and extension of the teaching and learning of Africa, especially at a tertiary level get more involved with promoting the subject in schools, colleges and adult education? Is there a case in the UK for investing in an online teaching resources Internet site, perhaps as an extension to an existing Africa information portal such as the Africa Information Centre, that provides a whole range of resources for teaching AND learning Africa at a variety of academic levels?

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) of America Africa teaching aids

Africa Focus sights and sounds of Africa from Madison-Wisconsin

South African politics by Allison Drew

Exploring Africa – Michigan State University: for school teachers and students

Proteacher.com – list of teaching aids for African studies in schools

TeachAfrica – shared resources on-line

Oxfam teaching aids for study of Africa