Sharing data and feeds

The subject centre website is full of (hopefully) useful resources and information on pages such as this one that you can visit using your web browser. We have tried to make their organisation as easy and visually appealing as possible for you to access.

However, this is not the only way in which our resources can be accessed. We also make a lot of our information and resources available in other data formats, so that other programs or websites may syndicate or display our content.  For instance, our RSS feeds may be used by someone with a desktop RSS feed reader program to have event updates delivered, or pulled into another another website to display a list of recent news from us.

What we provide

RSS feeds

We provide a number of RSS feeds including news and event information. For more information on what RSS is and what feeds we provide, please visit our RSS information page.

iCal feeds

iCal is a standard used by calendaring programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal, as well as some websites like google calendar. On forthcoming events pages we provide a iCal file to download that event to your calendar program. We also have a large iCal file which lists all our forthcoming events

hCal page

hCal is another standard for displaying calendar information about an event in a webpage. It is part of the microformats movement. We provide a web page listing all our forthcoming events in this format.

Visit the hCal forthcoming events page

XML versions of our resources

Various resources on our site can be accessed in an XML form, suitable for syndication to other web sites or repositories. Information on accessing this data can be found on our XML services page.

Using these services

If you do build anything interesting using these web services, we would love to hear about it, so please do let us know!

If you notice any errors in these services, please email the subject centre, marking your email for the attention of the web team. We'll try to fix it as soon as we can.


Although we make these resources available for free, the copyright remains with the subject centre or the original author. You may re-use the feeds dynamically to build other web sites or applications, but do not copy large numbers of resources wholesale without prior permission (into another resource repository for example).