IALIC/Subject Centre Pedagogical Forum (13 Nov 2004)

Date: 13 November, 2004
Location: Dublin City University, Republic of Ireland
Event type: Conference

IALIC 5th Annual Conference:
IALIC/Subject Centre Pedagogical Forum


IALIC International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication

Past event summary

For the second year running, we ran a forum dedicated to pedagogical research and practice, with a focus on innovation in the field of intercultural education and training.

The forum reflected the centrality of pedagogical research and practice within IALIC (International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication) and was designed to provide an opportunity within the conference for focused debate about new and emerging paradigms for the teaching and learning of language and culture. The keynote address by Professor David Little, Plurilingualism, intercultural competence and learner autonomy: some critical reflections' offered a major contribution to the debates about pedagogy by identifying the tensions between these three concepts which underlie the Common European Framework.

The pedagogical forum was co-ordinated by IALIC and the Subject Centre. Abstracts and descriptions of practice were produced in booklet form and distributed to delegates. In addition, material from the pedagogical forum will be available on this web site.

Further reading

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