A-Level Linguistics: a proposal (26 Oct 05)

Date: 26 October, 2005
Location: Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL, Room 691
Event type: Seminar

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Past event summary

Following the success of the English language A-level, a working party formed by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies has put together a proposal for AS and A2 linguistics qualifications. Some of the ideas behind this are:

  • these qualifications could be taken alongside modern foreign languages qualifications
  • they could be taught by teachers with linguistics or MFL backgrounds
  • they would not overlap significantly with the English language AS/A2 qualifications
  • there would be a focus on investigation of language structure, acquisition and change
  • exemplification would come from several languages, including community languages where these are spoken
  • the AS could be taken in the place of General Studies in specialist language colleges

The seminar was presented by some of the members of the working party. It comprised of brief presentations of the rationale and of the current draft of the proposal, and ample time was set aside for discussion and comments. We are eager to have wide consultation on this proposal.

Members of the working party, some of whom will speak at the seminar, were: Judith Broadbent (Roehampton University), Billy Clark (Middlesex University), Dick Hudson (University College London), Tim Shortis and Catherine Walter (Institute of Education, University of London), Michael Swan (St Mary's College, University of Surrey) and Graeme Trousdale (University of Edinburgh).