Teaching Area Studies in the age of the Internet (5 May 06)

Date: 5 May, 2006
Location: Senate House, Malet Street, University of London
Event type: Seminar

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Call for papers

Over the past decade, the development of the Internet (the World Wide Web, E-mail, Web CT, forums, chat rooms etc.) has had an enormous impact on higher education. These rapidly changing technologies have disrupted long-established structures of knowledge as well as facilitating the exchange of these knowledges in new ways.

The Internet provides specific opportunities and challenges to both practitioners and students of area studies. Newspapers are available online on the day of publication and archives that would once have required a visit abroad can be accessed from around the world. There has also been substantial development of materials to teach students about other cultures and to develop language competence. However, concerns persist about the authority, quality and messages of material on the Internet.

Papers are invited in any aspect of the theory and/or practice of Internet use in the teaching of area studies. Please send a 150-200 word abstract of your paper to John Canning j.canning@soton.ac.uk by 31 March 2006.

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Please note there is no charge for this event but we reserve the right to charge a £20.00 non-attendance fee.