Why CEFR for sign languages? A description of the curriculum

Date: 25 September, 2009
Location: Centre for Deaf Studies (Room 4F5, TBC), University of Bristol
Event type: Seminar

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students in class

Dr Loraine Leeson will give a seminar on "Why CEFR for sign languages? A description of the curriculum".

Recent developments in sign linguistics research influence decisions made for the integration of specific methods, curricula and teaching materials for the learning and teaching of sign languages. The aim of this seminar is to tackle these issues and generate, for the first time, academic discussion over the emerging field of Applied Sign Linguistics.

Dr Loraine Leeson has published and lectured widely on aspects of the teaching methodology of sign languages, and in the area of signed language/spoken language interpreting. She is currently working on the D-Signs project (funded by Leonardo da Vinci Programme 2008-2010) to implement a training system for sign language in the workplace, mapped to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), to be made available in British, Irish, Czech, Greek and Cypriot Sign Languages.

Please email Dr Maria Mertzani at m.mertzani@bristol.ac.uk to register and for further details. This event is sponsored by the Subject Centre's guest speaker fund.