Assessment Tools and Interoperability

Date: 19 March, 2002
Location: University of Hull
Event type: Workshop

Past Event Summary

This was a joint workshop with the Subject Centre for Physical Sciences. The workshop was part of the "CETIS Assessment Roadshow".

Event report


As e-learning proliferates, the use of CAA (Computer-assisted assessment) increasingly relies on third-party, question-and-test items which are useful only if they can be re-used, edited and delivered on different CAA systems and platforms. In this workshop the participants learnt about current CAA solutions from commercial vendors and research projects. The workshop covered the IMS Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) Specification, which is being developed by an international consortium aiming to provide a consensus for representing and implementing CAA.


The workshop was attended by 49 participants, including the four presenters, of whom 23 were University of Hull staff, 23 were from other UKHE institutions, and 3 from commercial companies. The participants represented a wide range of subject disciplines in UK Higher Education across the sciences, the humanities, and IT.


10:30 Registration
Assessment and Interoperability
11:00 Introduction: IMS QTI Specification and Interoperability (MS Powerpoint 97, 360kb) Niall Sclater
11:45 Educational Content Reuse: Assessment Perspective Boon Low
12:15 CETIS QTI SIG Rendering Tool Graham Smith
1:00 Lunch
Tool Demonstration
2:00 Question Mark Perception Che Osborne
3:00 Discussion and Q&As


Niall Sclater led the SHEFC-funded Scottish Computer Assisted Assessment Network between 1999 and 2001 and is currently managing the CETIS (Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards) Assessment Special Interest Group. He sits on the IMS QTI Working Group and is a member of the panel drafting BS7988, "Using information technology in delivering assessment".(Personal website)

Boon Low is coordinating the CETIS Assessment SIG and currently involves in the research and development of IMS QTI Spec. at University of Strathclyde.

Both Niall and Boon are members of the CETIS Assessment Special Interest Group ( ), and work at the University of Strathclyde.

Che Osborne is a salesperson for Question Mark UK.

Graham Smith is an IT Consultant engaged with the University of Leeds.

Future Events

Niall Sclater and Boon Low will be repeating this workshop at various venues in 2002 - for details, see the CETIS Assessment Roadshow website.





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