Annual Conference of the ASMCF, 2014

Date: 9 September, 2014 - 11 September, 2014
Location: University of Southampton
Event type: Conference

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The Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France
Language, Culture and Power in France
Langue, Culture et Pouvoir en France


Language and culture have long played a central role in republican ideology and in the construction of the French state and national identity. In our global age of modern communication and saturated visual culture, language -as practice, discourse and ideology- and culture in the widest sense of the term have become powerful political tools for generating change and transforming cultural, social, political, economic and institutional practices.  By focusing on the ways in which the power of Language and Culture are used and abused by individuals, social groups and institutions, this ASMCF interdisciplinary conference seeks to understand their role in shaping identification, contesting order or transforming society. In addition to artistic and literary forms, the role of language and culture will be examined in the construction of notions of citizenship, how it can unite or exclude on lines of religion, race, gender or class, its meanings for political parties, the state and communities. The conference will also engage with linguistic theory and how language and culture are conceptualised by both individuals and groups within contemporary French society from the ethnographic, literary and linguistic analysis of banlieues to the study of World War 2 through images and texts.

More than 65 papers will be presented from a wide range of disciplinary and chronological perspectives including anthropology, cultural studies, politics and literature with the common aim of thinking about the power of language to shape the political, social and cultural life of contemporary France. By adopting a broad interdisciplinary and chronological approach, the conference seeks to go beyond traditional academic frontiers and to deepen our understanding of how language and power have shaped French society. We hope that the conference will also provide a forum to think more critically about language, culture and power.

We have the pleasure of welcoming as our keynote speakers :

Professor Stéphane Beaud (Université Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
Professor Eric Fassin (Université Paris 8)
Professor Max Silverman (University of Leeds)
Professor Máire Cross (Newcastle University)


Poster Competition for Postgraduate Students - DEADLINE EXTENDED!

Are you an MA or PhD student working in the field of modern and contemporary French Studies? If so, have you considered entering a poster into our annual poster competition?! It is a great way to have fun with your research, to provide a visual synopsis of your work and to make it accessible to a wide audience. Whether you are working on contemporary literature or critical thought, fiction film or modern French and francophone history, society or politics, your poster will fit right in at the ASMCF conference. The theme of this year’s conference is Language, Culture and Power in France. However, posters do not need to follow this theme and can be on any topic relating to modern French and Francophone studies.

The competition will take place as part of the ASMCF Conference at the University of Southampton, with presentations to take place on Wednesday 10th September 2014. The conference will include keynote addresses by Professor Stéphane Beaud, Professor Eric Fassin and Professor Max Silverman.

During the dedicated poster session, postgraduates will have the opportunity to give short and informal presentations of their posters. Other delegates are invited to take a closer look at the posters and speak to postgraduates about their research. The posters will then be on display in a prominent place for the remainder of the conference, providing plenty of opportunities for discussion of your research.

The poster competition aims above all to provide postgraduates with the opportunity to present their research as part of the conference programme, receive feedback from specialists in the field, and so prepare them for presenting their work at future conferences. Posters need to be A1 size and illustrate, with words, images and diagrams, the essence of a research project in a clear and eye-catching way, to appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike. The poster should provide a synopsis of your research rather than the entirety of your work on a single page. Some guidelines on poster creation can be found by clicking here. Posters designed by previous winners of the competition can be found at: There is a prize for the first and second placed entries, kindly provided by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Postgraduates play an important role in the Activities of the Association and a number of papers at the 2013 conference will be delivered by current postgraduates. For an idea of the Association’s postgraduate network, please see for details.

If you are interested in taking part in the poster competition, please email me at : by Sunday 24th August 2014 in the first instance. Informal enquiries are very welcome.

Abigail Taylor ASMCF Postgraduate Representative, 2013-14


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Conference Poster

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