Anglophone Area Studies

News summary

An on-line survey has been set up to explore the teaching of Anglophone Area Studies programmes. The project is concerned with evaluating current teaching, learning and assessment strategies that address student cultural diversity both in the classroom and in the international context.

Teaching across Cultures: Anglophone Area Studies and Student Diversity in an International Context

The Centre for Australian Studies in Wales, in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire, is currently running a nationwide online survey aimed at gathering information about the teaching of Anglophone area studies to a culturally diverse student population. The survey has been created with the assistance of a grant from the LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies. The data is being gathered with the intention of disseminating good practice in interdisciplinary teaching and the development of intercultural competence amongst our students.

We are inviting broad participation in the survey between now and the end of December 2003. The survey can be found at:

If you are also a Programme Leader or Director, we would be additionally grateful if you would tell colleagues who teach on your programme about it. The survey aims to gather information about programmes as a whole and about individual modules or courses. Responses are anonymous and we will make every effort to prevent the identification of individuals in our published findings.