BBC language programmes, to be discontinued...

News summary

The BBC has taken the decision to terminate the production of language programmes for adult learners on television. It is understood that this represents a shift of policy on the part of the BBC Learning and Interactive, and is not seen as a short-term measure.

However, the BBC will continue to repeat existing series on BBC Learning Zone. The languages website ( will continue, but will not be enriched by new material generated by the TV series.

The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies regrets that this flagship programme area is to be discontinued, and feels that the BBC's key role in promoting language learning will be much missed, especially at a time when the government is developing its National Languages Strategy. The BBC's language programmes have been an important contribution to public education over forty years and while the contribution it will continue to make to language learning via its website will be a valuable one, it is regrettable that production of the televised materials is to be abandoned.