Call for articles/case studies for the Subject Centre website

News summary

The Subject Centre wishes to expand its much-praised online collection of articles and case studies on aspects of the teaching and learning of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in Higher Education.


We are inviting proposals for either an article or a case study relating to the following areas:

Learning and Teaching: General Content
Teaching Area Studies via the web  
Language teaching via the web  
Dissertations Design and assessment
Essays Description and assessment
Oral tasks Type (presentation and interaction) and assessment
Aural tasks Type and assessment
Multiple Choice Questions Design, use (formative & summative assessment) and validity
Data analysis Use of in Linguistics including assessment of DA tasks
Study skills  
Teaching Lecturing, tutoring, seminars, workshops, surgeries,
Group work Tasks (projects, presentations etc), management and assessment
Simulations and role play Description and assessment
Reflective learning  
Distance teaching Pedagogical principles, design, communication, tasks, resources
Research methods training  
Exams (written) Types: seen, unseen, take away; dictionary use
Exams (oral) Types and assessment
Portfolios and PDP Purpose, types, assessment
Projects Types and assessment
Virtual Learning Environments  
Languages Content
LWULT Overview of UK provision
Community Languages in the UK  
Ab initio language courses  
Teaching Pronunciation  
Teaching Vocabulary  
Teaching Speaking  
Issues in teaching non Roman script

e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai etc.

Area Studies Content
The relationship of disciplines to Area Studies

Literature, Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Film, History, Geography,

Celtic Studies

Overview and individual Irish, Scottish, Welsh etc.

Italian Studies  
Middle Eastern Studies  
Literary and Cultural Studies  
Teaching Literature in Modern Languages Programmes  
Teaching Literature in Translation  
Teaching pre-twentieth century literature  
Teaching comparative literature  
The restoration of cultural memory through the teaching of literature  
Linguistics Content
Anthropological linguistics  
Computational Linguistics  
Literature topics to be added  


For examples of articles, go to


Each article/case study should be between 1000 4000 words in length and must conform to the Subject Centre style guidelines. You may have work that you have created in the past which you may wish to repurpose for inclusion on our website.

Submitting a proposal

If your proposal is selected by the Subject Centre, a fee of £200 will be payable when the article/case study is added to our online collection. To submit a proposal, complete the following short proforma:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Department
  • Email address
  • Teaching area
  • Topic (selected from the list)
  • Case study or article? (Please specify)
  • Title
  • Abstract (200 words max)


The deadline for receipt of proposals is 31 January 2005. Articles/case studies will be due by 30 April 2005.