Apply for a staff/student bursary

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LLAS welcomes applications for our travel bursaries. We are able to offer a small number of bursaries of up to £50 each for UK based participants taking an active role (e.g. presenting or writing a paper or article) at our workshops. In return for the bursary, we request a report on the workshop attended including a reflective summary of the main areas of the event which have been/will be of use to the participant and the value to them of attending the event. This will be published on the LLAS website and circulated to event participants. Bursaries will be paid on receipt of a satisfactory report within two weeks of the event.

If you wish to apply for a staff/student bursary, please complete the form below. There is generally only one bursary available per event. Priority will be given to hourly-paid or part-time members of staff and students. Please note that the bursary is not granted until you have received a confirming email from the Subject Centre.

Download: Application form for travel bursaries (Word file, 52.0Kb)


For examples of event reports, go to