'Call for Papers' for a Special Issue of the Journal of European Area Studies

News summary

The Journal of European Area Studies (new title from 2003: Contemporary European Studies) is preparing a special issue on the theme European Studies; Threats and Opportunities.

Journal of European Area Studies

New title from 2003:

Journal of Contemporary European Studies

Special Issue on

European Studies Threats and Opportunities

Call for Papers

The Journal of European Area Studies/Contemporary European Studies is preparing a special issue on the above theme, to be published in the issue 11/1, May 2003. The issue will be focusing on the following topics:

  • The re/definition of European Studies
  • The problems experienced by practitioners in the recent past
  • The relationship between Language Studies and European Studies
  • Interdisciplinarity as a challenge
  • European integration and the study of individual nation states
  • European Studies and Globalisation
  • Conflicts between teaching and research?
  • Confrontation between European and non-European cultures?
  • The future of European Studies?

Abstracts and contributions electronic submissions welcome should be sent to Brian Jenkins or Jeremy Leaman:

Dr. Brian Jenkins
Research Professor
Department of French
University of Leeds
Woodhouse Lane

Dr. Jeremy Leaman
Dept of International and European Studies
Loughborough University