Bulletin of the Americanisation and the Teaching of American Studies Project (AMATAS) - January 2002 (Jan 02)

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Bulletin of the Americanisation and the Teaching of American Studies Project (AMATAS) - January 2002 (Jan 02)

Free Workshops: Topics range from Jim Crow in Europe to the Americanisation of popular music, from the cultural Cold War to Hollywood and Nazi Germany. Full details on the AMATAS website

Website: We now have a photo-essay from Bogdan Barbu on the Americanisation of Rumania and images of Transatlantic Seaside Resorts from Professor John Walton's impressive collection giving an enhanced visual feel to the pages. Also, there are student responses and academic essays on the Resources page that increasingly showcases interesting work in the field of Americanisation and the Transatlantic. Any material you would like to donate to the website send in the first instance to the project manager arice@uclan.ac.uk

Publications: Project Director Professor George McKay's essay on Anti-Americanism was published in the THES on December 14 (RAE week). It alerted the wider community to the project and can be read on our website if you missed seeing the print version.

Awayday: The project team had a most successful awayday to discuss the future direction of the project on January 17-18. Almost all of the workshop deliverers were there as well as Steve Mills from Keele University as an external facilitator. The team were really energised by this event and we hope the focusing of the project that this event helped engender will carry us all through to the end of the year.

BAAS Conference: The project will be represented by a panel that will showcase the research underpinning the workshops. Professor John Walton will present on Coney Island and Blackpool, Paul Grainge on Brand Identities, Carol Smith on the Black Atlantic and Professor Scott Lucas on the Cultural Cold War. The session is on Monday 8th April and we hope to see many friends of the project there to engage in lively debate.

New administrator: Our new Project Administrator Fiona Bayntun-Roberts joined us on January 15, and is eagerly awaiting any questions, queries or bookings connected with the Project. Email: Fsbayntun-roberts@uclan.ac.uk