Phase III Specification for the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme

News summary

The Subject Centre invites you to participate in the following events and initiatives planned for Literary and Cultural Studies: Theory in Practice (A study day organised jointly with the LTSN English Subject Centre) Bedford Square, London, 8th February 2002, and C&IT in Literary Studies (a workshop organised jointly with the LTSN English Subject Centre) University of Newcastle 20th February 2002, and Curriculum Innovation in the Teaching of Literature in the MFL Degree CILT 26th April.

The full Phase III Specification for the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme has been posted on the TLRP website at The deadline for submitting outline applications is 15th April 2002. A series of workshops for those intending to submit applications have been organised around the country throughout January. Details of these workshops are available on the TLRP website. Phase 3 will be focused particularly on post-compulsory education e.g. lifelong learning, HE, FE, community learning, work-based learning, learning in informal settings, voluntary sector; CPD/trainer/teacher development and transitional settings.

What makes a good project ? The following messages about characteristics of a good project emerged:

  • the proposed project will add to the knowledge base and its results will have impact linking directly to raising achievement. All bids will have to have an impact plan from day one including costing for it and evaluation of it.
  • the project will start with a review of what is known transforming current knowledge bases;
  • the project will engage appropriate partners through involving potential users and beneficiaries throughout the life of the project;
  • the project will employ clear and rigorous methods appropriate to the research qestions addressed. The proposal should clearly identify the data that would be captured to answer the research questions posed and the methods to be used to capture and analyse data;
  • projects will fully participate in programme-wide activities; coming on-board right from the start in sharing experiences and outcomes.

Projects aiming to put in a proposal should consult with the Research Capacity Building Network at Cardiff University who have been briefed and funded to provide support in the area of research methodology. Details can be found at The L earning and Teaching Support Network has initiated a brokering service for those interested in putting together bids; bidders may register their details on the web and find details of other bidders at