A request from a faculty colleague: Student study strategies

News summary

Victor Benassi, Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire is interested in study methods that students report using in preparing for exams and which method they would choose in a specific context. He has received student responses from across the USA as well as from Scotland, England, Australia, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Serbia, Turkey, Wales, Northern Ireland, and France. He would greatly appreciate if you would forward the message below to undergraduate students on the academic courses you teach.

Dear Student,

I am Victor Benassi, a professor of psychology and the director of the teaching and learning center at the University of New Hampshire (USA). I am writing to ask a small favour of you. I would greatly appreciate your assistance with a question that I have. The question concerns the study methods students think are most effective and which study methods they use most often.

Please take just a couple of minutes to complete the survey on a webpage I have created.

After you complete the survey, I would appreciate if you would forward this message to your college student friends. Please ask them to also consider completing the survey. I greatly appreciate your assistance. After the project is complete, I would be happy to send you the results if you send an email request to me.

Thank you very much,

Victor Benassi, PhD

Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire

Faculty Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Email: vab@unh.edu