Announcement on the future of LLAS

News summary

We are delighted to announce that LLAS: Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies will be launched on 1 August 2011. Led by experienced staff from the HEA Subject Centre for LLAS, Routes into Languages and Links into Languages, the Centre will offer:

A programme of conferences and workshops for staff in HE including:

  • Workshops for Heads of Department and other leaders in languages
  • Workshops for new academic staff
  • Workshops in conducting pedagogic research

Support and innovation in e-learning including:

  • Workshops on creating online learning materials
  • Online resources to support teaching and learning in higher education.
  • Teaching and promotional resources for schoolteachers and HE lecturers

Consultancy and research, including:

  • Policy research and evaluation projects commissioned by universities, government and other stakeholders
  • Tailored support and advice
  • Leading and contributing to externally-funded research and development projects

Leadership and support of national initiatives including:

Continuing professional development for languages teachers in schools across South-East England including:

  • A programme of workshops and conferences for primary, secondary and FE teachers
  • Bespoke CPD for individual schools or networks of schools
  • Language upskilling courses

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