Facilitating language learning through social networking sites : Integrating advising into online teaching

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Higher Education Academy Discipline-based workshop - Workshop news

The University of Hull, Department of Modern Languages
Tuesday 8 May 2012

Miranda van Rossum and Elaine Riordan from the Department of Modern Languages were awarded funding from the HEA to offer a workshop entitled: Facilitating language learning through social networking sites: Integrating advising into online teaching. This workshop, held on Tuesday 8th May, was well attended by over 20 participants from a number of UK institutions (Durham University, University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University, University of Worcester, University of Central Lancashire, and the University of Sterling), and was facilitated by members of the department, Miranda van Rossum, Judy Jowers, Luisa Panichi and Elaine Riordan.

Delegates were introduced to the use and exploitation of online tools, in particular social networking tools for language learning. They investigated a number of social networking sites for language learning, and were offered insights into how such sites can create a rich learning environment. The workshop then moved into the realm of advising, and facilitating informal online learning, as these are key skills teachers now require.

This event proved very successful in terms of further debate and discussion in the area of advising and facilitating learning in social networks. The sessions were interactive and lead to discussions on finding a balance between the theory behind the use of online tools, the practical element of using such tools, as well as advising and facilitating within such environments.