New repository for language learning and teaching

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IRIS is a free, searchable, up- and downloadable collection of instruments, materials and stimuli that are used to elicit data for research into second and foreign languages. This includes research into the effectiveness of different types of experimental treatments and instructional techniques; linguistic development and how languages are learnt; the contexts in which second languages are used and learnt; and stakeholders' (learners', teachers', policy-makers') opinions about language use and how these impact teaching and learning.

What is IRIS?
Instruments for Research into Second Languages:

  • A sustainable, central digital repository
  • Up- and downloadable; freely accessible
  • Searchable across a wide range of parameters, e.g. instrument type; research area; participant characteristics (incl. teachers, learners, trainees); L1; L2; language feature(s); proficiency
  • Independent: Cross-institution, -country, -journal, -publisher, -funder
  • Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the British Academy as one of its prestigious 'Academy Research Projects'
  • Using the infrastructure of the University of York's Digital Library

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