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Subject Centre projects 2010

The Subject Centre funds a small number of projects every year. The reports from the projects funded in 2010 are now available

2 November 2009

Subject Centre Mini-Projects (2008/9)

The Subject Centre funds a small number of mini-projects every year on a number of topics.

4 March 2009

Subject Centre Mini-Projects (2007/8)

The Subject Centre funds a small number of mini-projects every year on a number of topics. Details of the latest phase of mini-project funding are given below.

22 May 2008

English Language at undergraduate level: its identity as a subject in UK Higher Education in the 21st century

During 2007, LLAS funded a mini-project on English Language at undergraduate level. This study reviews the current place of undergraduate English Language in Higher Education institutions in the UK in light of a rapid expansion of the subject. It is based on the analysis of documents available from universities (e.g. prospectuses, brochures, e-mails) and on the web. It provides an overview of 49 single honours English Language programmes considering the ways they are labelled, their relationship with other disciplines, their rationale, content and structure. It also identifies and discusses the preferred teaching and learning methods, and assessment procedures in these programmes. Finally, it explores marketing procedures and recruitment trends for these degrees.

18 March 2008

E-learning project: Learning Object Creator (LOC) - an authoring tool for teachers to create online learning materials

The Learning Object Creator (LOC) Tool is a simple authoring tool for teachers, which has been specifically designed to enable them to create their own e-learning materials without the need for technical support or training. It has been developed by the LLAS Subject Centre, in collaboration with the University of Southampton eLanguages group, according to a tried and tested effective pedagogical design developed over four years.

1 May 2007

Pedagogic Research Fund 2007/08 (Phase 3)

The Subject Centre is funding a third phase of pedagogic research projects from January 2007. Successful bidders will deliver their reports in April 2008.

5 October 2006

Pedagogic Research Fund 2005/06 (Phase 2)

During the 2005-2006 academic year, LLAS funded six pedagogic research projects. Practitioners were able to bid for up to £4,000 to undertake an investigation into a facet of learning and teaching in languages, linguistics or area studies. Reports were submitted in January 2006 and are available to download.

15 February 2005

Pedagogic Research Fund 2002/03 (Phase 1)

A total of six small-scale pedagogical research projects were commissioned and the project reports were published in January 2004. Two workshops focused on research methodology were organised to support the projects.

12 March 2003

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