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Pronunciation animations One of Cambridge University Press's ELT resources sites.

Clickable IPA vowels chart to hear what they sound like

Common mistakes in English by language background Ted Powers website on common pronunciation errors by language group

David Brett's excellent interactive Flash-based resources for phonology and phonetics

Easily confused phonetic symbols
John Wells' list of common errors when using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

International Phonetic Association
Phonetics information and resources (e.g. downloadable IPA charts and sound files).

Paul Meier's Dialect Services Fascinating online resources from the international voice and dialect coach.

Peter Ladefoged's phonetics resource page includes language maps, IPA symbol search, sound index and a phonetics of English course

Phonetics Flash Animation Project This site contains animated diagrams of speech sounds for English, German and Spanish. Developed by the University of Iowa.

Phonetics resources a wide range of useful and interesting resources from the University of Aberdeen.

Speech Accent Archive hundreds of samples of English accents recorded with detailed transcriptions and notes on phonological features for each accent.

Speech Internet Dictionary Comprehensive dictionary of phonetics and phonology edited by John Maidment

Voice and Speech Sounds lots of interactive voice and speech resources, including phonetics charts by Eric Armstrong, University of York, Canada.

Web Tutorials in phonetics by John Maidment. Lots more from University College London's Department of Phonetics and Linguistics.