Aaron Poole
Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 12:00
Online (Microsoft Teams)
Charges in asymptotically locally de Sitter spacetime

I will begin with a review of de Sitter spacetimes and their asymptotics, stressing the physical relevance of such solutions and thus the importance of developing a framework to describe radiating solutions in the regime of full nonlinear general relativity. In order to attempt to describe such gravitational waves, I will use the tools of the covariant phase space formalism (together with suitable analytic continuation of results in anti-de Sitter spacetime due to Papadimitriou & Skenderis) to derive expressions for conserved quantities. I will illuminate these technical steps via the example of a perturbation to the inflationary patch of dS_4, before ending with some discussion regarding future directions for this programme of work. This talk is based on ongoing work in collaboration with Kostas Skenderis and Marika Taylor.