Orchid Project


University of Oxford
Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning Research Group
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
BAE Systems
  • Team Members:
    • Robert Johnston
    • Henry Tse
Rescue Global
Rescue Global
  • Lead: David Jones
  • Team Members:
    • Anthony Hayward
    • Christian Auchincloss
    • Becky Jones
    • Tristan Winfield
    • Robin Whittington
    • Mark Izatt
    • Daniel Poole
    • Simon Thevasagayam
    • Nick Kirkby
    • Brian Sudler
    • David Sexton
    • Jackie Gregory
    • Chanell Merrifield
    • Emmanuel Agyei
Secure Meters UK Ltd
Independent Scientific Panel

Highlighted Publications

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Disaster response

We are developing systems that allow first responders, unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, and software agents to work effectively together.

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Smart Grid

We are developing novel algorithms and interfaces to optimise energy consumption and coordinate consumers and producers in the smart grid.

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Citizen Science

We are developing approaches that make full use of the skills, preferences and capabilities of citizen scientists.

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