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Welcome to the PARKBENCH (PARallel Kernels and BENCHmarks) 1999 Site.

The PARKBENCH  committee, originally called the Parallel Benchmarking Working Group, was founded at Supercomputing '92 in Minneapolis, when a group of about 50 people interested in computer benchmarking met under the joint initiative of Tony Hey and Jack Dongarra. Its objectives are:

Involvement in ParkBench is open without charge to all members of the high performance computing community, and operates similarly to the High Performance Fortran Forum.

This site hosts a new version of the PARKBENCH suite that is being developed to simplify code compilation and execution and to produce a new output format. This output format facilitates database loading and allows the direct application of post-processing software, such as visualisation tools. The new low-level Genesis benchmark codes are available at the Genesis site.

(The existing full release of the PARKBENCH suite (release 2.1.1) is still available from the Netlib Repository at UTK and ORNL.)

This site contains the following pages:


These pages contain links to benchmarking and other performance related projects at the University of Southampton. These include the new Genesis codes, a parallel I/O benchmark suite and links to new tools that have been developed for post-processing PARKBENCH 99 result files.

Results Database

PARKBENCH 99 benchmark results are available here.


A list of performnace related publications from the PDC Research Group is available on the publications page.

Related Links

This page contains links to related benchmarking efforts.

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