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Project Kick off meeting in Birmingham


At the recent JISC/CETIS conference (Autumn 2005) it was recommended that the community needed to 'kick start' the use of the IMS Question and Test Interoperability version 2.0 specifications. At this meeting it was felt that in order to achieve this there needed to be a robust set of tools and services that conformed to the QTIv2 specification.

The R2Q2  aims to produce a complete engine to  render and respond to all QTIv2 question types. The engine will be wrapped in a Web service so that it can integrate easily into the JISC e-Framework.

Many other projects have built partial solutions to these objectives, so the first phase will be to capture the lessons learnt and incorporate these into the design of R2Q2. We will then take that main requirements of the QTI specification and refactor them such that the main functions are divided into internal Web Services. These sub-Services are Web Services with no public interface, yet have all the advantages of Web Services (interoperable and loosely coupled systems with well defined interfaces ).

The specific objectives are to: