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Creating Personal Mobile Widgets without Programming

This item is a Paper in the Developers track.

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Our goal is to radically simplify the web so that end-users can perform their personal tasks with just a single click. For this, we define a concept called TaskLet to represent a task-based personal interaction pattern and propose a platform for automatically creating, sharing & executing them. TaskLets can be created even by a naive web user without programming knowledge, as we use the technique of Programming-By-Demonstration. TaskLets can be deployed on the client, cloud or on telecom provider network – enabling intuitive web interaction through widgets, thin mobile browsers as well as from mobile phones via SMS and Voice. Our key innovation is a tool and platform to enable end-users to simplify their personally valuable task. We wish to share the proposed tool with both expert web developers and naïve users of WWW to promote a wider developer community for mobile web applications.

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