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Hall, Clint Bootstrapping Web Pages for Accessibility and Performance.

Goel, Sharad and Hofman, Jake and Langford, John and Pennock, David and Reeves, Daniel CentMail: Rate Limiting via Certified Micro-Donations.

Wang, Jun and Amatriain, Xavier and Garcia Garzon, David Combining multi-level audio descriptors via web identification and aggregation.

Manjunath, Geetha and S, Thara and Bosamiya, Hitesh and Guntupalli, Santhi and Kumar, Vinay and Raman G, Ragu Creating Personal Mobile Widgets without Programming.

Adams, Christopher and Abou-Assaleh, Tony Creating Your Own Web-Deployed Street Map Using Open Source Software and Free Data.

Kobilarov, Georgi and Bizer, Chris and Auer, Sören and Lehmann, Jens DBpedia – A Linked Data Hub and Data Source for Web Applications and Enterprises.

DRAKE, Ted The Future of Vertical Search Engines with Yahoo! Boss.

Camarero, Julio and A, Carlos Iglesias. A REST Architecture for Social Disaster Management.

Buzzi, Marina and Claudia Buzzi, Maria and Leporini, Barbara and Senette, Caterina Improving interaction via screen reader using ARIA: an example.

Kabra, Govind and Chang, Kevin Integration at Web-Scale: Scalable Agent Technology for Enabling Structured Vertical Search.

Poulard, Philippe Intrusive unit testing for Web applications.

Moreno-Torres, Fernando A new tool to improve the filtering options in advanced searching.

Hines, Jason and Abou-Assaleh, Tony Query GeoParser: A Spatial-Keyword Query Parser Using Regular Expressions.

Agrawal, Sanjay and Chakrabarti, Kaushik and Chaudhuri, Surajit and Ganti, Venkatesh and Konig, Arnd and Xin, Dong Query Portals.

Baumann, Peter A Semantic Web Ready Service Language for Large-Scale Earth Science Archives.

Bizer, Christian and Volz, Julius and Kobilarov, Georgi and Gaedke, Martin Silk - A Link Discovery Framework for the Web of Data.

Méndez Núñez, Sheila and Emilio Labra Gayo, Jose and De Andrés, Javier Towards a Semantic Web Environment for XBRL.

Pujol, Josep M and Rodriguez, Pablo Towards Distributed Social Search Engines.

Sinclair, Patrick and Humfrey, Nicholas and Raimond, Yves and Scott, Tom and Smethurst, Michael Using the Web as our Content Management System on the BBC Music Beta.

McCleese, Sean and Mattmann, Chris and Raskin, Rob and Crichton, Dan and Hardman, Sean A Virtual Oceanographic Data Center.

White, Tom and Bisciglia, Christophe Web data processing with MapReduce and Hadoop.

Rossel, Olivier The Web, Smart and fast.

Torres, Víctor and Delgado, Jaime and Maroñas, Xavier and Llorente, Silvia and Gauvin, Marc A web-based rights management system for developing trusted value networks.

denoue, laurent and Carter, Scott and Adcock, John and Golovchinsky, Gene WebNC: efficient sharing of web applications.

Miller, Kevin Will an easy to use language attract content experts?

Sweeney, Matt YUI 3: Faster, Lighter, Easier.

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