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Integration at Web-Scale: Scalable Agent Technology for Enabling Structured Vertical Search

This item is a Paper in the Developers track.

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The Web today has ``everything'': Every object of interest in real world is starting to find its presence in the online World. As such, the search needs of users are getting increasingly sophisticated. How do you search for apartments? How do you find products to buy? Traditional paradigm of Web search, starting from keyword input, and ending in Web pages as output, stifles users---requiring intensive manual post-processing of search results. As the solution, we present a platform for enabling vertical search. At the core is our novel agent technology for structured crawling. We showcase the promise of our platform using two concrete products that clearly demonstrate the possibility of Integration at Web-Scale. The talk will show demos of two concrete products (apartment search, shopping search) and key underlying technologies. The slides are attached in pdf format. The power-point version are online (for better animation): http://cazoodle.com/www09/www-developers-govind-jan09.ppt

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