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The Future of Vertical Search Engines with Yahoo! Boss

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While general search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Ask, dominate the search industry; there is a new batch of vertical, niche search engines that could fundamentally change the behavior of search. These search engines are built on the open API’s of Yahoo, Google, and other major players. However, Yahoo’s recently released BOSS API has made these engines more powerful, more specialized, and easier to build and maintain. These specialized search engines are finding the quality information in the haystack of general search terms. The general search engines, in turn, surface the niche results pages. This talk will discuss how to use the Yahoo! Boss search API to create a niche search engine. It will also show how this information can be mashed together with other APIs and finally how the results pages begin appearing in the general search engines. The talk is appropriate for engineers, entrepreneurs, and managers.

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