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Karagiannis, Thomas and Vojnovic, Milan Behavioral Profiles for Advanced Email Features.

Chen, Wen-Yen and Chu, Jon-Chyuan and Luan, Junyi and Bai, Hongjie and Wang, Yi and Chang, Edward Y. Collaborative Filtering for Orkut Communities: Discovery of User Latent Behavior.

Matsuo, Yutaka and Yamamoto, Hikaru Community Gravity: Measuring Bidirectional Effects by Trust and Rating on Online Social Networks.

Plangprasopchok, Anon and Lerman, Kristina Constructing Folksonomies from User-Specified Relations on Flickr.

Crandall, David and Backstrom, Lars and Huttenlocher, Daniel and Kleinberg, Jon Mapping the World's Photos.

Cha, Meeyoung and Mislove, Alan and Gummadi, Krishna P. A Measurement-driven Analysis of Information Propagation in the Flickr Social Network.

Brandes, Ulrik and Kenis, Patrick and Lerner, Jürgen and van Raaij, Denise Network Analysis of Collaboration Structure in Wikipedia.

Chu, Wei and Park, Seung-Taek Personalized Recommendation on Dynamic Content Using Predictive Bilinear Models.

San Pedro, Jose and Siersdorfer, Stefan Ranking and Classifying Attractiveness of Photos in Folksonomies.

Kunegis, Jérôme and Lommatzsch, Andreas and Bauckhage, Christian The Slashdot Zoo: Mining a Social Network with Negative Edges.

Goel, Sharad and Muhamad, Roby and Watts, Duncan Social Search in "Small-World" Experiments.

Sen, Shilad and Vig, Jesse and Riedl, John Tagommenders: Connecting Users to Items through Tags.

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