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Amig'o, Enrique

Araujo, Lourdes

Artiles, Javier

Balog, Krisztian

Bollegala, Danushka

Buza, Krisztian

Carrera, 'Alvaro

Chen, Ying

Chen, Zhaoqi

Cohen, Robin

De Cock, Martine

Fayruzov, Timur

Freitag, Dayne

Giuliano, Claudio

Gong, Jun

Gonz'alez, Jos'e Carlos

Gonzalo, Julio

Han, Xianpei

He, Jiyin

Hofmann, Katja

Hoste, V'eronique

Huang, Chu-Ren

Ikeda, Masaki

Jim'enez-Salazar, H'ector D'iaz and H'ector

Kalashnikov, Dmitri

Kalmar, Paul

Lan, Man

Lee, Sophia Yat Mei

Lefever, Els

Lin, Song

Lu, Yue

Mart'inez Fern'andez, Paloma

Mart'inez-Romo, Juan

Mat'e, Pablo

Matsuo, Yutaka

Mehrotra, Sharad

Mitsuru Ishizuka,

Monz, Valentin Jijkoun and Christof

Nuray-Turan, Rabia

Oard, Douglas

Ono, Shingo

Pinto, David

Romano, Lorenza

Sato, Issei

Schmidt-Thieme, Lars

Sekine, Satoshi

Song, Fei

Su, Jian

Tan, Chew Lim

Tovar, Mireya

Tsagkias, Manos

Vadillo Laura and Sotomayor, Roc'io

Venkateshan, Priya

Vilariño, Darnes

Watanabe, Keigo

Weerkamp, Wouter

Zhang, Yu Zhe

Zhao, Jun

and Hiroshi Nakagawa, Minoru Yoshida

de Pablo S'anchez, C'esar

de Rijke, Maarten

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