June 2018 Animal Research Nexus Poster Event

In June 2018, the Animal Research Nexus Team met with the Programme Advisory Committee, Project Advisors, and other invited colleagues. The meeting explored how social science concepts, such as nexus approaches, can inform research on complex issues in science and technology. The workshop also provided an opportunity for the team to get feedback on research plans to date and identify further opportunities.

The Project teams, PhD students, and Creative Facilitator have produced posters which provide a summary and introduce further questions about their work.

We reproduce these posters here and warmly invite those who were not able to make the workshop to respond to any of the questions we raise via email.

Poster for "Histories & Culture"

Poster for"Species & Spaces"

Posters for "Markets & Materials"

Poster for "People & Professions"

Poster for "Engagement & Involvement"

Poster for "Collaboration & Communication"


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