Accepted Papers

CALCO 2011:



  • Baltasar Trancon Y Widemann. Coalgebraic Semantics of Recursive Computation on Circular Data Structures
  • Toby Wilkinson. Internal Models for Coalgebraic Modal Logics
  • Tetsuya Sato. A nondeterministic probabilistic monad with nondeterminism for coalgebraic trace semantics
  • Liang-Ting Chen and Achim Jung. A final Vietoris coalgebra beyond compact spaces and a generalized Jonsson-Tarski duality
  • Darin Morrison. Two Notions of Globular Setoids in Type Theory
  • Michal Przybylek. Realizable Institutions
  • Tie Hou and Ulrich Berger. Domain-theoretic Modelling of Functional Programming Languages
  • Gourinath Banda. Modelling and Analysis of Real Time Systems with Logic Programming and Constraints
  • Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg. Elimination Principles for Initial Dialgebras