A biologically inspired computational model of the Block Copying Task

Lan, Tian and Arnold, Michael and Sejnowski, Terrence and Jabri, Marwan (2003) A biologically inspired computational model of the Block Copying Task. [Conference Poster]

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We present in this paper a biologically inspired model of the Basal Ganglia which deals with Block Copying as a sequence learning task. By breaking a relatively complex task into simpler operations with well-defined skills, an approach which is termed as a skill-based machine design is used in the device of computational models to complete such tasks. Basal Ganglia are critically involved in sensorimotor control. From the learning aspects, Actor-Critic architectures have been proposed to model the Basal Ganglia and Temporal difference has been proposed as a learning algorithm. The model is implemented and simulation results are presented to show the capability of our model to successfully complete the task.

Item Type:Conference Poster
Keywords:block copying task, basal ganglia model, actor-critic architecture, temporal difference learning
Subjects:Computer Science > Machine Learning
Computer Science > Neural Nets
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